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Design your own lifestyle - 12 session transformation in just 4 weeks

You really can live your dream life. We will work through a blend of self development and career coaching through Explore, Dream and Discover areas  (Licensed Firework career coach TM) to create a future blueprint for you that unblocks your happiness, and brings out your true potential.  This is a tried and tested 12 session program to support you with the skills and the confidence so you can make that transition to really living and working your dream life. 

This programmes explores psychodynamic profiling, values, strengths and skills assessments and various toolkits to assess your full spectrum of your potential.  You will unlock your dreams and your unconscious barriers to find out what is limiting you, and what will give you confidence, trust in your decisions and energy.  You will discover your personal or professional knowledge bank, and set out some clear goals and measures to provide a solid foundation and path for a happier life. 


Like everything worth investing in, you get a lot back. You get the dream life you want, with everything you need for a happier, healthier, balanced life - and you can refer back to it at any stage of your life.  This is a programme for people who are serious about getting the best out of their life, and living to their full potential. 


Contact Ella to discuss this programme and arrange a schedule that works around your lifestyle.

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