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You CAN unblock your happiness!

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Life Coaching with Ella is for you if you are going round in circles, in a rut, or seem to be constantly working hard and trying to feel happy, but wondering "is this it . . . ?"

The answer is . . yes and no.
Yes you can be happier. And No this isn't it.
You CAN have it all.​

You CAN...

have confidence in your career path and know where you're going

You CAN...

change a whirlwind life to a calm life and still get things done

You CAN...

transform from languishing to flourishing without becoming fake

You CAN...

get over your post-graduation blues and get on the right path despite the confusion and anxiety

You CAN...

sort out your work life balance and manage your anxiety or stress

You CAN...

emerge from lonely to lovable and still be true to yourself

You CAN...

rethink a midlife crisis and thrive in a new phase in your life at any age

You CAN...

make an astute career change at 40 and not sacrifice everything you've worked for

You CAN...

find your soul and your tribe and gain self-confidence

You CAN...

rekindle a zest for life and find your true purpose in life


Work Life Balance


Career Clarity


Happiness Unblocker


Licensed Firework Career Coach

Accredited Life Coach & Master NLP Practitioner

I am professionally trained in coaching, NLP and CBT with a background in social sciences and marketing communications. 


I belong to and contribute to coaching organisations and forums, including Association for Coaching.  I am a licensed Firework (TM) career coach with a focus on work life balance and finding work that give you a purpose in life, and rekindles your motivation and  zest for life.

Having worked in large corporates, the NHS, marketing agencies and been a small business owner, I know just how hard life can be trying to organise your work life balance and a steady income, as well as a purpose in life that gets you out of bed in the morning.  Particularly if you're a workaholic, or trying to figure out a midlife or identity crisis, at any age.


Life Coaching with Ella can give you the self-esteem, confidence and trust in yourself to create a happier life for yourself. So you can make a difference in our amazing world at a time when this seems to matter more than ever.  

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"Ella had all sorts of tools up her sleeve to aid me in finding my own answers and solutions. She has an ability to hear beyond what is being said. She balances professionalism with warmth and kind heartedness" 

Health professional, NHS


Ella Clark

Life Coaching with Ella

St Agnes, Cornwall​

Tel: 07597157194


Verified professional membership with qualifications, insurance cover and membership to a professional body

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Professional member of the Association for Coaching, who agrees and abides to the Global Code of Ethics for coaches, mentors and supervisors and the AC Coaching Competency Framework.

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