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Hi Ella, 

Thank you so much for all your help I couldn't have done it without you. I got a 2:1!  I'm forever in your debt. 

Oli B

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Need an Espresso Fix?

Espresso Fix is for students and young people in college, doing apprenticeships or uni.  Or someone wanting to prepare themselves for college. This does what is says, and gives a short, strong shot of support to get you on track, to prepare you for the next phase of your life or career. 

Maybe you have a project that you want to talk through, an exam that is on your mind, or a family or college situation that is bothering you.  Maybe you are feeling confused, unsupported or just plain unhappy. Maybe you're thinking about changing your course or leaving, and want some impartial, confidential advice.


Maybe you have particular needs that you feel aren't being met or are wondering if you're ADHD.  Maybe something you can't define is making you feel anxious, depressed or just overwhelmed.  Maybe being at college just feels impossible right now!   Whatever is on your mind, if you are struggling, talking face-to-face or online to a professional coach will help you.


The 6 session Espresso Fix will get you to a point where you can trust your decisions and organise your time and life in a way that works best for you.  Short, intense and hard-hitting - like a shot of coffee!  


For students or young people, Espresso Fix can help with:

  • preparing to go to college, uni or a new course

  • feeling confident about your next steps

  • work placements, sabbaticals and volunteering

  • time management for projects and dissertations 

  • CVs, getting networked online and interviews

  • imposter syndrome, finding friends, and feeling isolated

  • choosing a career or course that plays to your strengths

  • getting the grades you need and deserve

Espresso Fix can be purchased as a gift:

This is available as a gift (from parents, family or friends) who want to provide support to someone. Please note of course that all discussions and client decisions will be completely client-focused and confidential. 

50 minute sessions however often you want, once a day or once a week. Your choice - just like a coffee. Oh, and WhatsApp messaging for when you need to get something sorted in your head, any time.  

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