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Marketing Communications Consultancy
Marketing Communications 
for your brand, your team and your audiences

Build up your organisation around a vision and brand values that your whole team is behind. Get your organisation on track for success and inspire your customers.  Communicate clearly and consistently with a compelling reason about why they need your brand, and what it can do for them. 

Develop a marketing comunications strategy based on:

  • Insight & data

  • Customer focus

  • Customer journeys and touchpoints

  • Stakeholder needs

  • Integrated channels (digital, print, events)

  • Profile and brand building

Internal and Change Communications within a team supports and builds on your brand as people become brand champions and ambassadors.  If your organisation is needing to change, start with your people, and build a cohesive and collaborative team around a shared vision and transformational culture. 

Develop a change communications strategy based on:

  • Individual & team strengths

  • Resilience & managing stress

  • Communications & marketing skills 

  • Emotional intelligence skills

  • Compassionate cultures that support efficiency

  • Team wellbeing that supports people as well as performance

  • Collaborative team working

  • Confidence & imposter syndrome

  • Trouble-shooting & issue management

Contact Ella on 07597157194 or email if your organisation is looking for a change.


All consultancy is created to suit your budget and needs. From one-day workshops, specific programmes or inhouse Marketing Communications roles.

Ella also works with  and the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method for transforming cultures internally for international organisations.

Groups coaching sessions

If you'd like to know more about coaching workshops or group sessions, email Ella or call for an informal discussion. 

Sessions can cover areas around confidence, burnout, stress management and building resilience. Suitable for work teams, student groups, small businesses, educators and health care workers. 

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