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Executive Coaching
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Executive coaching has been invaluable as it's completely impartial and independent.  I don't need to worry about anyone's agendas when I discuss things. Frankly it's been a breath of fresh air just talking my decisions through.

Not-for-profit COO

Executive Coaching

For executives and leaders

  1. Making the Right Decisions: Leaders must ensure they are making the right decisions for their organization. Review potential consequences of your choices to assess the best course of action.

  2. Managing People Effectively: Managing a team or organization can be challenging.  Leading and inspiring your team or organisation includes awareness of communication styles, conflict resolution, and team dynamics.

  3. Achieving Goals and Targets: Meeting performance goals and targets is a common concern for leaders. Stay focused on identifying, and deliver the results expected by your stakeholders.

  4. Adapting to Change: In a constantly evolving business environment, leaders have to increase their ability to adapt to change positively, whether it's technology, market shifts, or governance.

  5. Work-Life Balance: Leaders may experience impacts of their professional responsibilities on their wellbeing and family life. Balance the demands of leadership with your personal life.

  6. Reputation and Public Image: Leaders can be unaware of their personal and professional reputation. Get insight and self-reflection about how your actions and decisions can be perceived.

  7. Employee Satisfaction and Engagement: Leaders may worry about whether their employees are satisfied and engaged in their work. Employee turnover and morale are often linked to leadership effectiveness.

  8. Professional Growth and Development: Leaders may be concerned about their own growth and development.  Take time to assess what it current in your industry to staying relevant as a leaders.

  9. Stakeholder Expectations: Leaders are often accountable to various stakeholders, such as shareholders, board members, or trustees. Ensure you are meeting the expectations of different groups of stakeholders.

  10. Crisis Management: Leaders must be prepared to handle crises, whether they are related to the business, industry, or external events. Be clear about your ability to manage and mitigate the impact of any unexpected event.

Executive coaching is for professional managers and leaders who want to keep their careers and the organisation they are responsible for, moving forward. 

Groups coaching sessions

If you'd like to know more about coaching workshops or group sessions, email Ella or call for an informal discussion. 

Sessions can cover areas around confidence, burnout, stress management and building resilience. Suitable for work teams, student groups, small businesses, educators and health care workers. 

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