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Young People at a Workshop
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I felt grateful having some guidance, insight and empathy through a bumpy patch and that the sessions had enabled a new perspective and cemented a change in direction.

Business Owner

Work cultures are all different.  These workshops look at mental health and wellbeing at work from many different angles.  These are facilitated workshops to help your leaders and teams collaborate to create a healthy and sustainable workplace together.


The 4 step workshop will address any wellbeing or mental health needs that your team or organisation may have, and then faciliate you to transform it to a healthy culture that supports compassion, innovation and flexibility.  A sustainable workforce is essential in today's busy hybrid work climate.  

Step 1: Identify the work culture you are changing from

Identify your team and organisation culture, from survival, to achieving but with loss of heart, to thriving. Understand how leadership of mental health and wellbeing is at the heart of this culture.


Step 2:  Map out the transformation you want to create

Review and map out the talents, strengths and skills that you want to nurture in your organisation. 

Step 3:   Manage the team members or group  in this change process

You will have stakeholders at various stages in this change, with different emotions, needs and behaviour that need different management

Step 4: Create a sustainable workforce

Identify the tools and success measures and outcomes that will support and build on this transformation. 

Mental Health First Aid, Difficult Conversations, Work Life Balance, Confidence at Work, Change Management, Employee Satisfaction, Resilience at Work.

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