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How to reinvent yourself this year, from the inside out

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Reinventing yourself for 2021 is more than a new exercise regime and some motivating mantras.

And it isn't just a 10-minute scribble of New Year's resolutions after a festivities-non-fueled night as 2020 finally clocks off with all the fireworks and fanfare of a smoldering pile of bedraggled face-masks. Whilst you may commit to 365 days of self-flagellation and abstinence, or ambitions of 'being more productive' - this is only going to get you another year of writing roughly the same new year's resolutions and feeling a little bit guilty a month later. Instead, (drum-roll please) a question you need to ask yourself, is;

"What makes you glow?"

Reminding yourself of who you are, what your values are, what makes you glow - is the first step to creating a life-enhancing version of yourself - alight with fire and passion.

We've all had that moment where we've walked in to a room and literally lit it up. Where we are ablaze with feeling that everything is just right. We are where we are meant to be, in our true element. Where we are in our flow, with our inner confidence and energy shining out, attracting amazing people and things into our life.

So how about tapping into that feeling and creating it a little bit more of it for yourself? Step bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this way . . .

The chances are, you have vague dreams, vague plans to get there, and vague ideas that it will happen when you are less busy. Right....When you aren't stuck on your hamster's wheel, with little or no time or energy to think about how to create your dream life, or when you have 'enough money'. Do you know many people who have enough money? Life itself, is what's getting in the way. And whilst you are the proverbial frog sitting in increasingly hot water, or a burnt-out professional working harder and harder for diminishing returns, it's not easy to take an objective view of yourself or your life. It's even harder to be positive and think about what you want, what makes you come alive and glow, and how to get there. So the second question needs to be;

“ What is stopping me glow?”

Not having the time, the money, "the friend to travel with" are all legitimate and very real reasons. But behind this, is a limiting belief, lack of confidence or a bout of self-sabotage that collectively, and importantly, unconsciously, says to you"I'm not really worth this, so I'd better not start, rather than fail or overstretch myself". Now the unconscious thing is really important. We are all intelligent people, that can rationalise things, and discuss the myriad of intangible beliefs that motivate and hinder us. But our unconscious isn't rational, and doesn't want to listen to our intellectual diatribes on how we have become accomplished adults, and know ourselves and our inner complexities. It doesn't want to listen, and it certainly doesn't want to 'do' as it's very happy being stuck. It's very happy being safe, and not facing the fear that is holding us back, rather than propelling us forward. Because behind that fear, that sense of being stuck, is a dimly glowing desire, a motivation to tap into if we're stuck. And it's identifying the fear that is unconsciously hiding this desire that will ultimately make us glow.

So there's good news for 2021! You can tap into this fear-desire continuum of your inner thoughts, and find that balance that moves you into your best life, the best you and a self-fulfilled you. With or without a new yoga or 'accelerate your performance' regime. The light is there, that will make you blaze your own trail. It just needs you to stop, and look at it properly. Make this year a year of self-development, deeper and more challenging than other years, not just scratching the surface, but a new you inside and out. Despite the pandemic, despite your hamster wheel life, despite your life.

This year has had a profound impact on many of us, making us re-think our lives, our values, our selves. So this should be your New Year's Resolution for 2021. Buy a journal, write 'What makes me Glow?' at the top, and start today. Write down your epic dreams, your small nostalgic memories, the things and moments that make you smile, and glow. Get creative and start a mood board or a collage, cut things out of magazines. Our lives are our own to create, to live, to glow. And what a great way to start 2021.

Anyone taking up life-coaching with Ella will be asked to do a version of this exercise, and use it as one of their discovery tools for creating their best life.

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Ella is a trained, accredited Life Coach & licenced Firework Career Coach. She has a background in marketing, internal and change communications, with experience across large corporates to smaller charities. She uses a positive psychological approach to coaching & consultancy 07597157194

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