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Coaching Programmes
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The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” 

Going round in circles but not sure where you are going, this will help you find some clarity.  There are ways to make changes to your thinking, feeling or behaving, so you can balance your efforts without changing everything.  You can be more in control of your life or your work.  Create a framework to feel calm, clear and confident in just 6 weeks.

Espresso Fix

You are facing some change in your life or work. This may be something that you have planned carefully, or something that you have less choice about. Leaving your job, getting divorced, taking redundancy or a promotion, starting a business, wanting to be more motivated and confident or just a realisation that you are facing a lot of change, and want some support to get through this with the best result possible for you.  For individuals.

Personality Profiling

The 4 step workshop will address any wellbeing or mental health needs that your team or organisation may have, and then faciliate you to transform it to a healthy culture that supports compassion, innovation and flexibility.  A sustainable workforce is essential in today's busy hybrid work climate.  For small businesses, charities, colleges, groups and teams.

Floating in the Sea
Groups coaching sessions

If you'd like to know more about coaching workshops or group sessions, email Ella or call for an informal discussion. 

Sessions can cover areas around confidence, burnout, stress management and building resilience. Suitable for work teams, student groups, small businesses, educators and health care workers. 

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